Today HYDROSEAL specializes in its core field of CLEAR PVC, UPVC and CPVC Industrial Piping Systems.

  We have long since held that a successful brand must strive towards constant improvement and invention of itsel HYDROSEAL has been maintaining this practice by applying the latest digital technologies to the near century-old Plastic industry.

  At its most fundumental, building-block, level, our objective is the continued evolution of the HYDROSEAL brand and delivering the results of a sustained growth to our distribution channels, supply and service partners, employees and nvestors, and finally the community. This objective is achieved through the precise vision of the group directorate that consistently monitors and refines the strategies that will get us there.

  During a period of lean economies and sobering global recession the hydroseal team has been progressive about its expansion, looking for greater efficiencies in the way we re-engineer ourselves; we have embraced the mobile revolution and the internet and look to deliver live information back to the community Information that allow for better and more effecitive decisions to be made earlier at the time needed.

  With a core team and an efficient model in place to collaborate with logistics, financial partners, manufacturing design, distribution channels and intellectual property rights, HYDROSEAL continues to be successful in benefiting the community. We keep things efficient, simple, flexible, profitable, and transparent.

  Owing to our long experience in the industry, we have developed our factory facilities, moulds and inventory according to the requirements of the piping professionals, so even for the most difficult connection, HYDROSEAL will definitely have the suitable solution.

  For more information on HYDROSEAL or any of its distribution channels please feel free to contact us. For the oversea business cooperation , you may visit our headquarters

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